DBtokens is a project to launch awareness of cryptocurrency across India and development of DEFI products or services to a new level, as there are many people in our country who doesn't know the uses and benefits of digital money. Now is the time to let them understand the currency of future. With evolving digital money around the globe, people can change or upgrade their level of living in future, this could solve unemployment problems into self-employment, there's no need to create chaos of money during country lock-down or any pandemics if they can work from home with the help of DEFI (decentralized finance).

Would there be lacs of people in poverty and unemployment in India? People can improve their lives by working physically and digitally at a time.

Establishing of DEFI service will provide a lots of work place to the country, and it can be the part to improve our country's economy in different ways.


Digital Bharat organized in a way that, every airdrop participants should sign  a petition.

Every second, world of cryptocurrency is stepping forward to reach the finance of future, but still it is ban from using in some countries, luckily India is legal to use or trade cryptocurrency with some limitations from 2020 march. Digital Bharat tokens try to brings the perfect ecosystem of digital money also known as future of finance and overture technology for DEFI in the form of providing tokens and by developing. As DBTokens is at start up stage, we need funding to build the project's objectives. We started selling our token DBT, anyone who wants to support or invest in Digital Bharat Tokens are requested to buy our tokens. You will find how to buy token on Airdrop and crowd sale page. After reaching a certain amount of token sold, token will be list on exchange where holders can trade with other coins or tokens also we will reserve some rewards for DBT hodlers with some conditions.   
DBtokens can bring the people into the best living condition in near future.


DBtokens is a project related to a petition, to get the freedom of crypto currency in India.


Any payment performed on crypto currency blockchain are secured as it can't be manipulate or control by any one.


Fast payments, no barriers to send money overseas.


Instantly send or receive money world wide.

lowest transaction fee


DB Tokens

DB Tokens is build with TRON BLOCKCHAIN

About Digital Bharat Tokens.


Token is created for the purpose of awareness about Digital money to the people who didn't Heard of, and to support the establishment of DEFI services in India. Also DBT will act as an medium of exchange inside the product of Digital Bharat Tokens.
Uses: Tokens can use to buy products of Digital Bharat, can be trade, exchangeable like other tokens also it might be able to use is some Indian commercial services. people all over the world can own, buy, and sell the value of it's own without themselves using bank account. 

About the blockchain; TRON is a Blockchain-based decentralized operating system based on a cryptocurrency native to the system, known as TRX.

High-throughput, High-scalability, High-availability.

For more details about the blockchain click HERE.


Future concept of Digital Bharat

These are the concepts which are going to convert into action by TMS (DB tokens is part of TMS) will discuss more on TMS in upcoming projects.

* Development of stable coin (INRD) *

INRD will be an anchored coin to INR real time value, to provide the best of Digital Money experience between countries and cryptocurrency. Stable coin at rate of 1₹ = 1INRD. More details and features will be available soon.


* Development of DEFI device with in-built hardware wallet. *

This DEFI device will support most of the decentralized works including DEX for coins, fungible tokens, non-fungible tokens, etc.

Image: Tablet size DEFI device, large screen, perfect for regular use.


With in-built hardware wallet to the most secure state of current situation or advance situation. This device will be useful to Crypto revolutionaries, Creators, Traders, Investors, Supporters, professional users etc.


For introduction we will focus on DEX department. Will add up different uses gradually upon developing.

more features on DEFI device mentioned below.

Image: Mobile size for DEFI device, portable, anytime, anywhere accessible. 

Features of DEFI device:

* No interruption during works, there's no disturbances of phone calls, messages, social medias, notifications, or any type of communication services. DEFI device do need internet connection but it can be operate only connecting Wi-Fi or Li-Fi no sim cards.


* It will be equipped and can runs only DEFI related apps. Any software can be install or use after it's fully analyzed by device development team, it will have owned DAPP browser, with in-built hardware wallet. Also it supports external hardware wallets.

* DEFI device is portable and it can be operate anytime, anywhere, with larger screen perfect for trading.


* It will have wireless charging feature.

* It will be available in three types of model; Foldable, Tablet size, Mobile size.


* The most unique and advance feature which will be implement in DEFI device  is W to W trading (wallet to wallet). 

which means every buyer and seller will trade their assets without using exchange wallet. No deposits and No withdrawal from exchange, every trades will go through seller's wallet to buyer's wallet directly. W to W trading can be perform hardware to hardware wallets, software to software wallets, hardware to software wallets etc. if the wallet provider itself support some requirements of the device or compatible. There may be two types of W to W trading in future. And more detail and features will be disclose during the pre-launch of the device.

* In-built hardware wallet supports staking for some particular coins, investments platforms, instant coin/token swap, transaction management, balance checking, and other IEO or ICO platforms also available exclusively.


* Custom operating system (maybe): may be the OS of DEFI device will run on custom. Custom or regular will be decide by development team according to situation in which the device enhance more.

* Cold storage: the in-built wallet will have the ability of cold storage with a button to connect or disconnect internally. As there is no internet connection with wallet even the device connected, the wallet is fully secure in offline state. Any time it can be connecter for any reason by just activate a button physically.


* Supports external hardware wallet plugins: device supports multiple hardware wallet, any hardware wallet can be operate from device also it can transfer assets quickly between wallets. Multiple software wallets can be install or use.

* Development of hardware wallet


DBT has a feeling to produce unique and advanced hardware wallet in near future. Further details will be available in next project.

* Development of Crypto (Media) Sphere.

Crypto Sphere is a type of social media, a place where creators, developers, supporters, influencer, investors, finance services of crypto currency are belong, including newbie.

People from every corner of the world to communicate, collaborate, to form future of finance's society digitally. 

Connecting global through crypto currency. 




SUCCEEDING PROJECTS: Funds that are going to be used in the transformation of DB concept into action. (DEFI device, Hardware wallets, Crypto Sphere, etc.)

WAITING: Funds that are going to be used in promoting the Crypto Sphere, giveaways to every new user of Crypto Media at a ratio of 1:1.

RESERVE FUND: Funds that are going to be used in the rightness of succeeding services. (Taxes to rules and regulations, charity)


REWARDS & UPCOMING AIRDROPS: Funds that are going to be used in bounty programs, beta test, neat airdrop, etc.

CROWD SALE: Funds that are going to be used in Crowd sale, to distribute the access of tokens across the globe.

AIRDROP: Funds that are going to be used in giveaways to the folks who do simple task for DBT.

MARKETING: Funds that are going to be used in listings, ads, promotion, events, etc.

DB ECO. DEV.: Funds that are going to be used in the development of Digital Bharat ecosystem, structure, usage, etc.

TEAM: Funds that are going to be used by team members, to keep the balance for works to do and to build the development route smoothly and steadily. 


Succeeding project -> 500,000,000 DBT -> 36.2318 %

Waiting                   -> 457,004,285 DBT -> 33.1161 %

Reserve fund          -> 300,000,000 DBT -> 29.7391 %

Rewards & 

upcoming airdrop    -> 50,000,000   DBT -> 3.6232 %

Crowd sale             -> 20 to 50 mm DBT -> 3.6232 %

Airdrop                   -> 10,000,000   DBT -> 0.7246 %

Marketing               -> 10,000,000   DBT -> 0.7246 %

DB ECO. DEV.        -> 2,000,000     DBT -> 0.1449 %

Team                      -> 1,000,000     DBT -> 0.0725 %

Total token created > 1,380,004,385 fixed.



Idea formation, DBT. 2020 Q4. 3

2021 Q1. 1. Frame DBT, Exploration on DEFI device, INRD, and Crypto Sphere.

Crowd sale, Airdrop for DBT. 2021 Q2.

Development of (DBT) product foundation, Partner integration. 2021 Q3. 2.

2021 Q4. 1. Blockchain development, INRD creation.

Symposium regards DEFI device, development start with partner. 2021 Q4. 2.

Discharge of INRD to the world. 2022 Q1. 1.

2022 Q1. 3. Advancement, Hardware wallet & Crypto Sphere.

Beta test, examination of DEFI device 2022 Q2.

Hardware wallet public sale, across globe. 2022 Q3

2022 Q4. 1. DEFI device release, only for early access.

DEFI device release to global market. 2022 Q4. 3.

DBT will bring Crypto Sphere to the people. 2023 Q1. 1.

2023 Q3. Upgradation, promotion of DBT products.